In terms of homework, Grade 3s should be doing approximately 25-30 minutes per day. There will be a short spelling worksheet each night Monday-Thursday. There will also be two pages of Saxon Math (one fact sheet and one practice sheet) every evening Monday-Friday. Students may be responsible for completing work that was left uncompleted in class, as well.

Today's homework is... Saxon 86

Things due this week are... 

Things due in the future are...


Thursday February 22: Social Studies Test. Click HERE for the review! Click HERE for the edited review!

Friday March 9: Mythology Final Project due. Please click HERE for the assignment outline and rubric.


Grade 3 students are expected to be reading an at or above level book each night for 10-15 minutes (or more, if your child wishes!). If you have any questions about which sort of book is appropriate for your child, please contact Mrs. Becke. 

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